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Wine With Food

When it comes to pairing different wines with food, the choice is yours, but we have made a few personal recommendations below to help you match wines from our list with some frequently used ingredients and food styles:


Contrary to popular belief not all wines are suitable for a plant-based diet as a variety of animal and fish products are sometimes used in the clarification process. We have marked all our wines that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


The more full-bodied styles of red wine go well with steaks, Sunday roast and other beef dishes. You could try either of our Malbecs (bin 28 or bin 33) or a luxurious Rioja Reserva (bin 37).

Fish & Chips

The recommendation to pair with fried foods is a higher level of acidity as found in sparkling wine and Champagne. With a hint of local bias we have included a Sparkling Brut from Sharpham Vineyard near Totnes in Devon and we also sell Prosecco and Champagne by the glass for a more affordable treat.

Lamb or Duck

For lamb or duck that is served pink try one of our lighter reds such as Pinot Noir (bin 27 or bin 35) or for something unusual try a dry rosé such as our Provence rosés (bin 42 or bin 43). Slow cooked lamb or duck dishes work well with our Primitivo (bin 31) or for a real treat try our stunning South African Chocolate Block (bin 36).


With so many classic whites on our list the choice is extensive but try our Muscadet (bin 15) with creamy seafood dishes or the Sardinian Vermentino (bin 18).


Full flavoured white wines such as Chardonnay (bin 10), Chablis (bin 21) work well with the richness of shellfish or for something a little different try our Owners Choice Viognier/Garancha (bin 17) or a classic Albarino (bin 20).