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Keeping it local

There are so many reasons to keep it local – from food miles to supporting the local economy – but for those of us fortunate enough to be in Devon, we have the most fantastic larder right on the doorstep so there’s no need to shop further afield!

With our ocean view, fish obviously plays a big part in our menu and we buy from local day boats ensuring you’re the freshest fish at all times. Our menu always features that pub classic fish and chips, plus plenty of shellfish and the catch of the day – whatever is freshest and best down on the quayside.

The west country is also famous for its meat production and our local beef is highly prized. We buy from local producers farming beef, lamb and pork across the local area.

Our temperate climate (dare we say ‘wet’?) is great for growing vegetables and salad crops and local growers produce some fabulous produce.

As well as supporting local food producers we also choose to buy local alternatives to national drink brands and our selection includes local ales, lagers, ciders, gins, rum and soft drinks. We even feature two local wines on our list from the Sharpham vineyard on the banks of the river Dart.